10 things I love about Stockholm

Date : 18 Nov 2013
Bicycle rides in the city
Stockholm is such a cyclist-friendly city it has developed a new breed of commuters I'd like to call the pedal pushers. They're everywhere: From the office-goers in suits and teens in jeans, to the awkward tourist (me) manoeuvring their way through designated bicycle tracks and cyclist-friendly street crossings.
Amazing scenery and architecture
I had a great time exploring much of Stockholm on foot. There's always an amazing scenery or building at every corner. This is the place where you really have to carry a spirit of adventure (an extra battery for your camera wouldn't hurt either).
Boat ride to the islands
They say every other fifth person in Stockholm owns a yacht, which is probably true, judging on the number of yachts I saw on the boat ride to the islands of Fjaderholmarna, a green sanctuary in the archipelago. Watching Stockholm from the water is the perfect way to de-stress. There's plenty of exciting things to see.
My first stop was NK, Stockholm’s luxury department store. It’s so posh you could hire your own personal shopper for about 100 euros per hour. I found my way down the busy stretch called Drottninggatan, where cafes and restaurants sit next to thrift shops. I just had to buy a shirt that said “I love Stockholm.”
Street artists
There's plenty of talent on Stockholm's streets. When they're not graffiti artists or painters transforming walls or canvas into works of art, they're musicians entertaining the passing crowd. This man left the crowd in a semi-hypnotic trance with his soothing music.
City Hall
This building is simply amazing, no wonder the Nobel banquet is held here every year. That glittering mosaic you see inside the Golden Hall is made up of more than 18 million pieces of real gold!
Stockholm has well preserved palaces. In the Old Town, tourists have access to the Royal Palace, which has about 1,400 rooms. The Drottningholm Palace (pictured), a World Heritage Site, features beautiful interiors and an expansive garden.
Gamla Stan, the Old Town
Stepping into the Old Town is like travelling back to medieval Stockholm. This is the centre which Stockholm was built in 1252. It is amazing to see old houses and buildings still standing in their well preserved glory. There are also quaint cafes and shops here.
ABBA The Museum
ABBA initially thought it was too self-serving to open a museum about them, but after a lot of coaxing from fans, they finally gave in. The museum houses the members’ costumes, records and memorabilia. It even has the actual kitchen where they composed songs before they became famous.
Vasa Museum
The royal warship Vasa sank before it even reached deep waters on its maiden trip in 1628. It was left submerged for 333 years, until experts rescued the ship from its underwater graveyard. It now has a permanent home in the Vasa Museum.